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Page history last edited by Third Time Lucky 14 years, 6 months ago

Welcome to the Third Time Lucky AoC Wiki


So then... You're not quite dead.

This is Tortage, the priate haven, jewel of the Barachan Isles.  To the west is Atlantis, silent and dead under the open ocean.  Eastwards lies Hyboria, where the world's doom rises.

But...your life is ending, even as I speak.

The slavemaster from your vessel runs through the wilderness to reach the city.  Slaves are forbidden within the walls and if he tells the guards your ship carried a cargo of flesh, you will be left outside to rot in the jungle.

If you enter Tortage City, find the old seer, Nadini.  Tell her Kalanthes of Ibis sent you.

Now go.  Find Saddur.  Buy your life with his death.


The story begins...

Postcards from Hyboria - The Adventures of Crunchie the Barbarian!




Read the adventures of Crunchie as she braves the perils of Hyboria, seeking fame, glory and a less revealing outfit!


Washed Ashore

Open Sesame

The Dressing Room


There is an amazing array of outfits available in Age Of Conan!




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